Position yourself to thrive in the new E-economy

E-Commerce is growing five times as fast as retail. With rising fuel prices, busier schedules and less free time, more and more people are shopping online.

Virtually every type of business is looking for ways to use the Internet to cut costs and grow their business, especially food businesses.

Its no surprise that more companies are shifting their traditional marketing budgets to the Internet. Why? Because they are focused on saving money and increasing orders.

There is a straightforward way for non-technical people to put their sales and people skills to work and profit from this rapidly growing industry. Our program offers you the opportunity to partner with us and enjoy up to 100% profits from each client.

No formal technical background needed

A formal technical background is not required. As a certified partner, your role is simple. Using our highly in demand online service, you consult local food providers and identify their Internet business needs. We have a quick start program, so you're free to focus your time on growing your business and income while we handle all of the technical aspects for you.

It is recession resistant (people will cut on vacations, clothingetc but not on food) and a passive income generating business. You sell once and enjoy the recurring income every month.

Consider these statistics

  • 77% of Internet users prefer to order online... National Restaurant Association
  • Online orders are an average of 20% higher... National Restaurant Association
  • Fast Casual restaurants can increase their annual revenues from 17% to 25% or more with online ordering... Nations Restaurant News.

Online orders advantages

  • Online orders are more accurate resulting in less food and time wastage. There is a paper copy of the order to resolve discrepancies.
  • Your staff is more productive because they are not tied up on the phone.
  • There is a reduction of traffic congestion on your phone lines. You can take 4 online orders in the time you take 1 order on your voice line.
  • Customers never get a busy signal.
  • Customers never get put on hold.
  • Customers can order ahead when you are closed.
  • Customers like the convenience of walking in to pick up their food without waiting in line. They order ahead of time and can pay by credit card.
  • If you keep your menu updated, the customer is always looking at your latest offerings and specials.
  • People who do not even know you exist will find your restaurant online.
  • Any Frequent Diner program builds loyalty.
  • Increase in food service for business/group lunches and meetings